A shooting range linked to Donald Trump's family is raising concerns from Hudson Valley homeowners who live close by.

The Daily News reports that part of a 171-acre preserve owned by the Trump family is being used as a gun range and the noise of gunfire has local residents up in arms. Nearby residents were expecting to hear occasional gunshots from the hunting area, but not the constant barrage of loud gunfire that has been happening ever since the area has been used for target practice.

Locals have reported hearing the loud gunshots after the arrival of many black SUVs, which are most likely secret service escorts for the Trump children who frequently visit the property. Some claim to have seen Eric Trump's white SUV with vanity license plates in the are during the shooting as well. Both Donald Jr. and Eric are listed in court documents as being the owners of the property.

Neighbors say the window-rattling gunshots are disturbing the peace. When one resident complained they were told that the secret service accompanied the shooters and were using the range as well.


The property is located at the end of Leather Hill Drive in Wingdale. The 171-acre parcel is licensed to operate as a shooting preserve for relatives and invited guests only. That license expires in April.

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