If you're planning on hitting the road this weekend, get ready as you'll be sharing the road with many other drivers with the same idea. If you want to avoid getting stuck in gridlock traffic, here are the best and worst times to hit the road this weekend.

It looks like the Fourth of July holiday is back in full swing this year, and people are ready. I'm sure after the year we had, more people will be looking to get out of town, and that means vehicles in your way. Another reason more people will choose to drive, is they are still avoiding other modes of transportation. People may also adjust the time they leave based on the temperature outside, as nobody wants to sit in a hot car, let's face it.

With all these extra vehicles on the road, how are you going to avoid hitting traffic? Well, it's all about timing. There are certain to hit the road that is better than others. According to INRIX, these are the best and worst times to travel over the Fourth of July holiday.

Thursday, July 1:

  • Worst Time: Between 3-5PM
  • Best Time: After 7PM

Friday, July 2:

  • Worst Time: Between 4PM-5PM
  • Best Time: After 2PM

Saturday, July 3:

  • Worst Time: Between 11AM-1PM
  • Best Time: After 2PM

Sunday, July 4:

  • Limited Congestion Expected

Monday, July 5:

  • Worst Time: Between 4-5PM
  • Best Time: Before 1PM

Obviously, these vary depending on what roads you're traveling on, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what times will work and those you might want to avoid altogether.

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