I and many other commuters have driven by this plaza at least 500 times and most likely never knew there was a restaurant hiding inside of it. It's also one of the highest-rated restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

New Yorkers love good food and the Hudson Valley region is blessed with some of the best restaurants around.

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After relying on takeout for the past two years, Hudson Valley residents are beginning to phase out of their pandemic habits and get out there and explore the restaurant and bar scene once again. If you're going out in the Poughkeepsie area, then you should be bold and try a new place but not just any place. Do we really have time for poorly reviewed food these days? We deserve to treat ourselves.

Route 9 Restaurant One of the Best in the Hudson Valley

A restaurant that not many people even knew existed is dominating the charts on Yelp and Google Reviews.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Crew Restaurant & Bar is located at 2290 South Rd in Poughkeepsie, New York and it is tucked away between Half Time and Hobby House. The location may seem strange but the reviews don't lie about this establishment's amazing reputation. It scored an average of 4 stars from 330 reviews on Yelp and it scored a stunning 9.6 from almost 700 reviews on Google.

Their most popular dishes according to Yelp appear to be their steak dinners.

Have you heard of this place? Have you ever been there before? Is it worth the hype?

Here are the highest-rated restaurants in Poughkeepsie according to Yelp. The list was made based off of how many stars and reviews they received. The top spots my not have the most stars but have a high rating for how many reviews the establishment was given.

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