Kingston is one of my favorite towns here in the Hudson Valley. The history dates back to Dutch settlers in the 1600’s and the first capital in 1777. During the 19th century, Kingston became the main area of transportation with cement for the canal and railroad tracks.

I find myself in Kingston somewhat often and love learning the history behind this town and seeing the architecture. As many towns in the Hudson Valley, they continue to grow and become more “up and coming”. Here are some historic areas to visit in Kingston while enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Mural Tower

I love checking out super cool murals while I’m traveling. I have actually visited all of the murals in Kingston and they are worth exploring. Local artists have displayed their beautiful masterpieces on the old fashioned building on Kingston.

  • Uptown Kingston

I always enjoyed walking around uptown Kingston during all seasons. The sidewalks always seem to be filled during the summer with few visitors during the cooler months. There are a bunch of cute, locally owned shops along with dining experiences. You may pass by the Peace Park, historic plaques and a smoothie place or two. There is also the Four Corners which is known as the oldest intersection in America with historic homes.


  • Rondout Waterfront District

Kingston’s Waterfront experience is simply stunning. The Rondout Creek meets the Hudson River to bring the full Hudson Valley experience. In the 1800’s, this area was known for the main opening of the Hudson and Delaware Canal. There is also a little museum/shop that you can visit to explore the history. I also love the fun and chic restaurants near the waterfront.

There are plenty of places to visit and things to in the Hudson Valley. These outdoor experiences will help you gain more knowledge about Kingston while enjoying the modern aspects as well. Where have you been in Kingston?


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