Have you ever passed through or visited a small town that reminded you of a scene out of a movie? This was my exact reaction when I found this village.

Millerton, New York is located in Dutchess County.

It truly felt like something out of a Hallmark Channel movie with the friendly residents chatting with each other in front of a church on a warm and sunny day. There was a local diner, deli, plenty of shops and a trail.

My sister and I spent a few hours exploring this hidden gem within the Hudson Valley. The drive there was simply beautiful with all of the fields and scenery.

I found plenty of fun things to do and explore while there. The town was so inviting that I took a second trip back there and look forward to returning again.

Here are 5 reasons to visit this picturesque Hudson Valley Town.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

13 Main St, Millerton, NY 12546

attachment-IMG_7911 (1)

I first found out that Harney & Sons had their own tea house a few months back. My mom brought this to my attention so we made the trip there. On site, you can choose from hundreds of different tea styles and shop in their store. My favorite from their collection is their green tea.

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Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Millerton, NY 12546

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I love coming across random trails with history. As I left Harney & Sons, I saw a historic sign and had to check it out. It shows the extensive amount of history that took place right on site. The trails are paved and perfect for walking, jogging and biking. There were alot of smiling faces on this trail.

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Boutiques and sighting on Main Street

Main St, Millerton NY 12546


I joke around that window shopping is my cardio but it truly is. Its very relaxing to stroll around a brand new town and come across neat shops. These locally owned businesses have a wide variety of gifts for everyone. This is the perfect place to grab a gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. There is also a beautiful church to look at a little more down the road.

The Moviehouse

48 Main St, Millerton, NY 12546

Babcock Theater, Billings Downtown
Ashley Warren

When was the last time you went and saw a movie? To be honest, I cannot remember when I attended a movie besides the drive-ins. Not only do you get to choose from a movie, be sure to take a peep at the local art that is displayed on site. Let me know what movie you choose when you visit Millerton.

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Oakhurst Diner

19 Main St, Millerton NY 12546

american diner restaurant style in black and white tiles and red booths

Nothing feels more at home than eating at a diner. In a small town, the staff always make the setting welcoming and having delicious, warm food really does the trick. Oakhurst Diner has healthier options with more organic choices. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced from our area. The avocado toast is making my mouth water just from pictures.

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Will you visit Millerton, New York? Have you heard of this town before? Fill us in below and happy traveling. 

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