How does this happen?

In today's world, nothing really shocks me anymore. There are so many things that go on that leave most of us shaking our heads or saying to ourselves, "Really?" and that's just what happened to me after I came across this picture.

Tire Kingston

As I was scrolling around on Facebook, I saw that posted by a woman who wrote, "Word to the wise - don’t leave your car at the park and ride near the Thruway entrance in Kingston. Parked my daughters car there for the weekend and came back to a car missing a wheel and lug nuts. No cameras."

Yes, someone took the time to steal the wheel right off of this parked car. I'm thinking it went like this, guy driving on the Thruway realizes he has a flat tire and decides to get off in Kingston to try and get it fixed and instead of doing what normal people do and go to a service station, he pulls into park and ride, looks around, finds a car with the same tire size and decides to grab his lug nut wrench and STEAL the tire right off of the car.

I mean, the least they could have done was put the car up on a block or something to make it easy for the poor woman to replace the tire.

So, take this a warning: if you plan on leaving your car for an extended time, you might want to rethink leaving it at the park and ride near the Kingston Thruway as there seems to be a tire thief on the loose.

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