A new billboard over Times Square has some people talking, and not all the talk is good. Deborah Carpaccio felt like she was inspiring women to want to get in shape and maybe shed a few of those extra pounds they may have packed on during the pandemic  FOX 5 says she is behind the website getyoursparklebackgirl.com., and meant to use the advertisement so women wouldn't feel ashamed of their bodies.

So, what's all the fuss about? The giant ad looming over Times Square depicts a sad and frustrated looking woman who appears to be leaning over, while holding her head. Above the picture is the caption FEELING FAT AND LAZY? Carpaccio said it was supposed to be rhetorical. She claims she's talked to many women over the past year and asked how they'd describe themselves or how they felt. She says terms such as like "fat" or "lazy" often came up. She told NBC NY that she interviewed "hundreds and hundreds" of women.

See the billboard HERE.

Some aren't seeing her intended message. the billboard has drawn criticism over social media. saying the advertisement is form of fat-shaming. But while the Carpaccio says she's a bit disappointed with some of the negative feedback, she intends to keep on promoting her business. She says she has no regrets.

"I am very happy to be at the forefront, get the backlash, take it, if it gets the word out that women no longer need to feel this way."

Is this a form of shaming, or are people taking it to heart a little too much? Could this actually inspire people to want to improve themselves, or does it bring up too many negative associations? Perhaps, she could have worded it differently? Feeling pleasantly plump and a bit sleepy? Share your thoughts.

And speaking of billboards, remember this one?

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