Now that we will be spending more time outside a lot of us will be looking forward to an outdoor fire. A spring evening that ends with friends sitting around a fire can be fun and the perfect way to close out a great day outdoors. Even though it seems we have had plenty of rain in the past few weeks we still need to keep in mind fire safety to prevent unintentional fires in the outdoors.

Below are links for fire safety tips from the New York State Department of Environment Conservation and Smokey the Bear. These tips are directed towards campfires but they are also good if you enjoy an outdoor fire in your yard. These safety tips should be used for your backyard fire pit and as well as your chiminea.

Some of my best memories as a kid were set around the first campfire of the year. We would roam all over the yard collecting up all the twigs left in the yard from the winter storms. Then we would go digging for the "Stay Puft" marshmallows that were shoved to the back of the cabinet since last fall. And finally we would bring the lawn chairs from their winter storage, unfold them and sit around the fire telling the first ghost stories of the season.

Enjoy and Be Safe.

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