A late-night rescue mission on the Hudson River by Dutchess County Sheriff’s office saves the lives of three jet skiers.  Around 11pm, Saturday night, Dutchess County 911 received information regarding a water emergency involving personal watercraft in distress on the Hudson River.  The Dutchess County Sheriff’s office responded to the area of the river near Norrie Point Marina in Hyde Park.

Responding to the scene were two boats from sheriff’s office, the City of Poughkeepsie Fire boat and a New York State Police helicopter.   From land, officials were able to spot two people on personal watercraft that appeared in trouble just west of Esopus Island.  They two were a male and female, they were recused and brought to the marina.

Upon talking with the couple, there was a total of four residents, visiting from Pennsylvania.  They had started their jet ski journey from City of Newburgh boat ramp.  Went up to Albany and were on their way back to Newburgh.

At this point, there were two people still missing and three personal watercrafts unaccounted for.  A search began.  A third woman was found back at the Newburgh boat ramp, where they had started.  Two hours into the search, a Sheriff’s boat found the fourth person and two watercrafts, partially submerged in a shallow area of the Hudson River known at the Esopus Meadows, which is just northwest of the Esopus Lighthouse.  The male subject was rescued and transported to the Norrie Point Marina.

All four people were uninjured and refused medical attention.  Three people were ticketed for operating a personal watercraft after sunset in violation of the New York State Navigation Law.

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