With Valentine's Day right around the corner, candy sales are almost as high as Halloween. Every state has a candy that is the most popular, any idea what New York's is?

Much to my surprise, the heart-shaped candy box ranked as the most popular in the state. According to Delish, 72,000 pounds of heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold in New York each year. And you don't see heart-shaped boxes of candy any time other than Valentine's, so that means 72,000 pounds are sold around the love-themed holiday.

Other state's in the area made the report too. Pennsylvania's most liked candy is M&Ms. New Jersey likes the conversation hears. Massachusetts also loves the heart-shaped boxes of candy. Connecticut is also a big lover of the heart-shaped boxes of candy.

I'm disappointed New York loves the heart-shaped boxes of candy the most for Valentine's Day. I was hoping for something cool, like an artisan dark chocolate truffle. Do you think that deserved to win?