New York is not leading the charge in vaccinations. In fact, we're far behind the a few other states. What's going on?

We're just about a month away from the first FDA approved COVID-19 vaccination in New York and the shot couldn't have gotten here any sooner for many scared and worried Americans. Operation Warp Speed brought us a vaccine for the coronavirus so quickly that it's quite astounding when you stop and think about. It's the fastest vaccine ever created with modern medicine. The COVID-19 vaccine was created in a matter of months. The fastest made vaccine before now was for the Mumps which took a few years to develop.

The vaccine was here in record time. Now how can we distribute it just as fast to the people who need it?

Even with all of the large scale vaccination centers spread throughout the state we still trail behind a few others. The number of shots administered in New York aren't just off by few hundred or even a few thousand. We're off by several hundred thousand. New York has often been cited as being the model state for battling the coronavirus. Where are we with administering vaccination compared to some other states with large populations?

According to the New York Times, New York has distributed over one million doses but has only administered 757,466 shots as of January 15. New York comes in fourth with vaccine numbers behind a few other states. Here's who beating us according to the New York Times.

These Three States Are Beating NY in COVID Vaccinations

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