Did you know you buy baby mantis eggs for your garden or yard to munch on mosquitoes and ticks? They're available at these Hudson Valley stores.

Some people took the time during quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic to learn a new skill or hobby. Some people started to get outside and hike local trails and some stayed inside and possibly brushed up on their culinary skills.

Many decided to get their hands dirty and their thumbs a little green.

Gardening and tending house plants was arguably one of the most practiced hobbies in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Social media pages were flooded with people and their newest additions to their family. Residents in the Hudson Valley shared proud pictures of vegetables and Lilies and small succulents.

Needless to say gardening has become quite popular in the Hudson Valley. What's a safe way to keep your plants safe from harmful insects?

The Praying mantis offers protection. We're in a time where our health is so important, the mantis is a great way to protect you plants without using pesticides.

According to their Instagram page, the garden centers at Adams Fairacre Farms are selling mantis eggs for $10.99 each. You could get around 200-300 babies for that price.

The mantis will eat a variety of pests like mites, ticks and even mosquitoes. Grown mantis' don't have particularly large appetites but babies do.

Could this be a good option to rid your yard and garden of pesky insects?

Adams Fairacre Farms
Adams Fairacre Farms

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