Just how often do you look at your phone? These are the top distractions that could get someone seriously hurt or worse.

If you own a smart phone it's safe to say you can be a mindless zombie when looking at it. Since we've been able to stream unlimited information from our tiny devices we can get pre-occupied with them. Just how often are you distracted by your phone and what exactly are you doing?

Lisa F. Young

Here are the top activities that can result in a serious hazard because we stop to look at our phones.

  1. Texting while walking - Don't do it. This is how you end up getting hit by a car or falling in an open man hole.
  2. Texting while driving - This should be obvious and the statistics alone should scare you so why do people continue to do it?
  3. Stopping at a red light and texting -  Just because you're stopped doesn't mean it's okay. Always be focused on the road. Besides, when we see you paused at a green light we all know this what you were doing.
  4. Texting while cooking food or near an open flame - It's just unsafe. Unless you're reading a recipe please put the phone down.
  5. Texting while you're pumping gas - Nothing says danger like highly flammable liquid. Why on earth would your focus be on your phone?

Are you guilty of any of these? Be honest and just try to stop cold turkey

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