Hope you enjoyed Monday afternoon, it was truly a nice weather day. We’ll take one day off from the nice weather and then try to bring it back again on Wednesday.  Seems like the weather pattern, can’t hold for more than a day or two.   A sneak peek at the holiday weekend, brings more wet and unsettled weather.  At this point, more for Memorial Day.  Leading up to the weekend, seems dry.

Tuesday:  Cloudy with showers expected.  The showers are expected in the afternoon.  It will be cooler, high only near 66.

Tuesday night: showers for the first part of the night, then just cloudy.  Low near 57.

Wednesday:  mostly sunny, high near 79.

Thursday:  Sunshine high near 77.

Friday:  Sunny and a high around 84.

Saturday:  Partly Sunny with temperatures in the low 80’s.

Showers and Thunderstorms, move in Sunday.

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