Does the words Cheese Shop just sound too fancy for you? Is the only kind of cheese you like the one that comes out of a green can and goes on your spaghettis? Or is it wrapped in individual slices?

I personally am a little bit more interested in cheese than that. Do I know what all the names are and if they are from goat, cow, or sheep milk. Nope not really. What I do know is that I like cheese. Its soo Goud-a. Sorry, I really will try to limit my cheese puns, I will Muenster the strength.

So when I came across a new to me Cheese Store, I got all happy and started to count up cheese stores and locations. How awesome is it that there are multiple places to go in and have a conversation about cheese, learn something and try a new cheese?

Here are the ones that I found after doing a quick search, I have been to some of them, but not all:

I also, without a doubt, have to include all of the locations of Adams Fairacre Farms. Their cheese selection is always varied and extremely large, plus I have found the associates to be helpful when I am looking for a specific flavor or type of cheese.

Have you been to any of the above cheese shops? Are you surprised that there are this many here in the Hudson Valley? Is there a shop that I didn't include? Please share their info with us.

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