Sage is a herb with all natural healing properties. 

The name comes from the latin word, salvia which means to heal and feel healthy. There are different types of sage. The most popular types of sages are called common sage and garden sage. They also have lavender, blue, black, and white sage bundles.

Energetically, sage is known to be beneficial for several reasons. It can help with the effects of grounding, feeling more balanced and decrease stress levels. Sage is also said to purify the air, help boost moods and help to sleep better.

Some even choose to use sage orally and claim that it helps with oral health, brain function and etc. Chefs may use sage as well since its considered to be part of the mint family.

You can use sage in any space such as an office or at home.

Today, we are familiar with the sage from our spice cabinet and the popular ritual of saging a new home.

Sage dates back in time. The French used sage as a tea while the Chinese would trade their tea for the French style sage tea. Ancient Romans also used this herb for healing reasons. The Native Americans chose to smudge to cleanse their space or individuals.

Over all, we burn sage to eliminate negative thoughts and worries

It’s beneficial to sage yourself, friends, family and even pets. Remember that when burning sage, it does smoke so keep that in mind to anyone who has allergies or respiratory issues. My cats still don’t know how to react when I sage my space, haha.

Burning sage is also known as smudging. Everyone typically has their own style on how to sage themselves and their space. Simply start lighting the end of the sage bundle. Once you see the smoke from the sage in the air, you are now cleansing the air within the space, walk throughout the room and continue. Be sure to crack open the windows of the rooms that you sage and release the air.

There are many places to buy sage depending on which kind you prefer. If burning sage isn’t your thing, there are also sage sprays along with oils. I recommend buying the shell to place the sage in during and after smudging.

Depending on location, usually local shops, grocery stores and even farmer markets are the main places to buy sage. When I was in Colorado I was able to buy sage the isle over from protein bars, it was AMAZING, haha.

Check out these local spots to grab everyone’s favorite herb!


  • The Holistic Healing Studio


  • Traders of the Lost Art


  • Luna Enchanted


  • Sunshine Studios


  • Funky Hippy Chic Boutique


  • Groovy Blueberry

New Paltz

  • Dreaming Goddess


  • Nutz

Wappingers Falls

  • Happy Life Productions


  • Crystal Connection


Share your thoughts and leave a comment below about how you use this all natural herb.

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