A New York microbiologist claims that your own sleeping quarters could be a literal hot bed of bacteria and mold.

How often people wash their bed sheets and blankets is pretty alarming. You're own bed sheets are more than likely disgusting. The next time you sleep in a strangers bed you could be covered in all kinds of bacteria and germs.

According to an article from Business Insider, a scientist from New York University says to avoid any illness or or allergens that one's bed sheets should be washed once a week. The most shocking statistic found was that the average unwashed pillow case could have well over 10 different kinds of fungi living on it.

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Juriah Mosin

If you asked most single people who use attend a laundromat they would probably tell you that they only wash their sheets once a month of once every two months. How gross?

If you're staying at a friends house be sure to  bring the Lysol.


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