New York State is not exactly the most affordable place to live, and if your job is on this list, you're probably very familiar with the cost of living.

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I've found myself working a few of these jobs in my travels and I can absolutely confirm that I was underpaid. These are some of the most physically and mentally draining jobs that exist, and yet the people who work them can barely survive on their salaries. Add having a family into the mix and there's simply no way to afford to survive without a second job.

Coming in at number four, being a cashier was an especially horrible job. Young James was only 16 years old getting screamed at by daytime shoppers for saying they can't return something without a receipt. And I can't seem to recall any good interactions I had in my time behind the register.

If I was still behind the register now I would be absolutely miserable. Cashiers certainly deserve more pay and there's no reason why they can't sit down.

And anybody who works in the back of house at a restaurant or bar deserves a huge pay raise. Most times they don't even get to split tips with bartenders and servers. And I've never seen anything more chaotic in my life than the back of the house during a dinner rush.

They all deserve hefty raises and if you disagree, just remember that they're the ones that are handling your food so you might want to keep them happy. Not saying I've seen chicken hit the floor before getting grilled for 10 more seconds and thrown back on the plate, but that would be less likely to happen if the back-of-house staff felt like their labors were appreciated a little bit more.

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