How I Met Your Mother has been off the air for a few years now, but it will always be one of my favorite shows. For some reason, I find it very amusing when Poughkeepsie mentions make it to Hollywood. In an episode which originally ran in February of 2011, there is a discussion of a laser tag tournament happening in Poughkeepsie.

According to the How I Met Your Mother Wiki, the episode centers around Valentine's Day and Barney's theory around "Desperation Day." It's the day before Valentines Day, a day he claims that goes back thousands of years where standards are lowered so a person isn't alone on the romantic February holiday.

At one point, Barney starts discussing the 47th semi-annual Laser Tag tournament happening in Poughkeepsie to one of Robin's friends. He says that Robin will be his partner. She ends up standing him up, but her co-worker Nora, who Barney found very attractive ends up being his date for the tournament.

We may miss How I Met Your Mother, but the case has stayed busy. That includes actor Josh Radnor (aka Ted Mosby), directing a play at Vassar College's Powerhouse Theater.

By the way, if anyone is up for starting up a laser tag competition for real, let us know. Or paintball, we like paintball too.

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