The dynamic duo consisting of Jack Black and Kyle Gass were planning to head out on the road this year on the Purple Nurple Tour but plans changed dramatically when the pandemic set in. Instead, they recently released a cover song that has since gone viral.

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According to input from the interview, we will see more new original Tenacious D material in the future. However, The D is like a fine wine, the good stuff takes time to create. The band is always writing (even when they're not writing) and more collaborations with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl are very much in the realm of possibility.

The mighty Tenacious D formed in the mid-90s and would go on to collaborate with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk on a series about the band for HBO. Only three full episodes were made and Black and Gass walked away when the network wanted more creative control of the show.

From there they went on to release a full album of original music and a few years later a full-length feature film called The Pick of Destiny. Rize of the Fenix was released in 2012 and that was followed in 2018 with Post Apocalypto.

Fast forward to 2020 and their 'Time Warp' cover. The star-studded video was released in late October to encourage people to vote in this and every election. All funds raised were donated to the Rock The Vote campaign. Gass commented that if he knew it would go on to become a viral sensation he would have spent some extra time working on his makeup.

Both Black and Gass encourage everyone to do their civic duty and vote.

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