We can all agree that we have had to find some new things to do on the weekends to keep ourselves busy since COVID-19 has put our summer events on hold. Searching through the Facebook events pages is not what it use to be. In the past it seemed like it was full of wine tastings, after beer festivals, after trivia nights with a plethora of sip and paints. Lately, It is just me or does it seem there are a new group of events showing up on the calendar. Some of them I have never even heard of doing.

Most events right now are still virtual but that isn't stopping people from doing some cool things. Events that are being held with the help of a group internet platform can still be fun. You love to Zoom with you friends so why not invite your friends to a virtual event. If it is interesting enough they are sure to want to be part of the fun. What would you and your friends say to a guided virtual tour of Hudson Valley Headstone Designs. That is the latest event put together by the Hudson Valley Headstone & Cemetery Research.

Join them this Sunday at 2 PM for their Zoom virtual program called Grave Encounters: Hudson Valley Headstone Design with researcher Marisa Hayes. This is a free event. Sign up is easy and you'll never look at old headstones the same way again. Send an email to the Museum info@timeandthevalleysmuseum.org by doing that you will be signing up to register. Once you have sent the email they will reply with the info you need to be on the zoom tour. You request more information by phone as well at 845-985-7700.

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