A Wegmans has finally opened in the Hudson Valley.

Good news: Wegmans has finally opened in the lower Hudson Valley. On Wednesday, August 5, Wegmans opened its doors to shoppers who have been waiting for the store to open since June. When COVID-19 hit, plans changed and the store put off the opening. But now, Wegmans is open for business in the Hudson Valley.

The store is located at 106 Corporate Park Drive in Harrison, which is in Westchester County. Before the store opened, it was rumored that it would have a market cafe with plenty of prepared food options. There will be a coffee bar and a restaurant called The Burger Bar. Expect a cheese shop, seafood market, and over 70,000 products for sale.

I'm a diehard Wegmans fan. I lived in Rochester for three years, where Wegmans was born. So when I found out Wegmans was finally open, I had to go. Below are pictures of the brand new Wegmans in the lower Hudson Valley. I have to say, this store did not disappoint at all.

Look Inside the New Hudson Valley Wegmans

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