Were you able to survive the 12-hour T-Mobile outage? On Monday, June 15, 2020, T-Mobile customers were unable to send or receive text messages or make calls. The reason behind the outage? According to T-Mobiles twitter feed, it was an "IP related traffic issue."

What does that mean? Does anyone really know? For some wi-fi calling was also affected. T-Mobile suggested using apps like What's App, Zoom and Skype to communicate with others.

If you were a teenager and told that you could not text or call your friends (the outage lasted about 12 hours) what would you do? Would you think that you were back in the dark ages?

Does anyone remember the days, where you had to actually take the phone and hide with it in the closet while you were making calls so your siblings or family members wouldn't hear what you were talking with on the phone?

How would you deal with not being able to call or text for 12 hours? Would it be a welcome silence or would you be a mess of a panic that people might be trying to get a hold of you and they couldn't?

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