It was a night everyone will remember for a very special reason. The Super Bow is special for many reasons, even if you're not a football fan people come together for the sake of partying, watching the commercials, seeing the halftime and having an excuse to have some fun.

The Super Bowl was almost a week ago but one part of it is still making headlines and it has nothing to do with the halftime show.

How did the Super Bowl have a connection to Westchester County, NY?

Right when everyone is settled into their spot for the big game and before it starts there's a pregame flyover that happens, then after a thunderous cheer breaks out. It usually gives me the chills because you know everyone in the country has come together for that moment.

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The U.S. Navy flyover that took place this year made HISTORY because it was piloted by all WOMEN and it celebrated 50 years since women were allowed to be U.S. Navy pilots. One of those female pilots who made history was a graduate of Westchester County, NY.

Who was the pilot?

North Salem Central School District Facebook/Canva
North Salem Central School District Facebook/Canva

Lieutenant Margaret "Peggy" Bobbin Dente ('09) flew an EA-18G Growler over State Farm Studio in Glendale, Arizona on Super Bowl Sunday. WOW. She graduated from North Salem Central School District and her yearbook even said,

"As we sail into the sun, the glimmer on the waves reminds us of all that we share, to be cherished as we crest the horizon, embracing new adventures."


I'm sure she made her family, former teachers and school very proud. Congrats to her and the other women for making history, it's even cooler theirs a New York connection to it.

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