Over the past year or so, we've learned that the Hudson Valley loves a good show in the sky.

Social media went crazy back in June when there was a partial solar eclipse. We saw some incredible photos of the crescent sunrise all over our timelines in the following days.

Just this week, the wildfire smoke from out west creeped into the Hudson Valley and caused an incredible view of the sun during sunset and sunrise. Some of the pictures circulating around Facebook and Instagram are absolutely breathtaking.

Switching gears from sunrises and sunsets, to July's full moon. If you're interested in checking out this months full moon, head on over to The Walkway Over the Hudson. July's Full Buck Moon will rise over the Hudson Valley on Friday, July 23rd.

The Walkway Over the Hudson and the nonprofit organization Friends of the Walkway will be hosting Walkway at Night. From 8:30 PM until 10 PM on July 23rd you can enjoy views of the Full Buck Moon 212 feet above the Hudson River.

July's Buck Moon got its name, according to the Farmers Almanac, due to the fact that during this time of the year buck deer start pushing out new velvety fur antlers.

Everyone who is interested in the full moon stroll must reserve a ticket, which are currently available at Walkway.Org.

Where is your favorite spot in the Hudson Valley to catch a full moon? Mark your calendars, the next full moon will be the Full Sturgeon Moon on August 22nd. Check out the rest of the full moon schedule for 2021 below.

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