It seems like we've been hearing about legalized marijuana coming to New York for years, but it never happens. Well, it actually has been years. We came so close to the big push in 2020, if not for the whole outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, Governor Andrew Cuomo is once again proposing legal weed in the state of New York, and the deal may have just gotten a little sweeter.

Gov. Cuomo has added a new amendment to the proposal he put together in January 2021, according to This new part of the proposal would allow for home delivery of marijuana straight to you. Soon, just a simple call or swipe of an app could bring the weed straight to you, without having to worry about getting busted. It would all be legal, and you wouldn't have to worry about getting behind the wheel.

The Governor's proposal says that the new law would create 60,000 jobs across New York state, and $3.5 billion in income. Life was always expensive in New York, and that was before the pandemic. Now, with so many out of work and businesses struggling, this could be a nice shot to the economy. The the Governor’s office further explained the proposal in a news release:

As social and economic equity are the bedrock of Governor Cuomo’s proposal, delivery services offer a low-cost entry point into the industry, particularly in communities which have been especially impacted by the war on drugs.

This would mean you don't have to travel to a dispensary, and have the weed brought to like ordering a pizza or shipment of beer. Of course, we're already 0-2 when it comes to getting recreational marijuana legalized, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

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