It turns out that a lot of old Hudson Valley homes have some really creepy objects hidden in their walls and there's a fascinating reason why.

When some people buy an old house they are worried about evil spirits could be lurking there. Despite all of the history in the home you may never have any problems with the supernatural. Could it be because the original owners already thought of that and took care of the issue for you?

People have been living in New York for hundreds of years now. According to Property club the oldest residence in New York State is the Wyckoff House and it was built in 1652. The house predates the American Revolution by over 100 years.

While watching an episode of UnXplained on the History Channel there was a fascinating episode about contractors in the Hudson Valley region of New York reporting odd findings while renovating old homes. They claimed to have found things like hair, old dolls, knife blades, teeth, bent nails and children's shoes. Rune-like objects and odd markings were also discovered. After a little more research the story was confirmed in an old article from The New Yorker published in 2019.

These types of objects were found in several homes especially in the Albany area. Albany was founded just a few decades after the first New York residence was built.

So what do these things mean?

According to the article these homes were most likely owned by Dutch settlers who may have hidden these items in the walls deliberately to ward off evil spirits.

If you found these in your house would you remove them ore keep them?

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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties without permission. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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