I came across an article that really made me think. Would my son ever know what it was like to need to stretch a phone cord long enough so he could take a call in another room, or hide in a closet so no one would hear him have whatever conversations that he needed to keep private, private?

Wow. Have things changed in a few short years. Before I say, "back in my day" let's think about this. Do you hang up a phone? Like take a receiver and put it in to the cradle? If you use a landline, also known as an actual phone, you will still be doing the hanging up (not end call) and many of the other terms listed here.

Busy Signal? I would hazard a guess to say the entire world has some sort of call waiting. Plus, most cellphones are set that if you are calling someone and they are on the other line, it will ring once or twice and then go to voice mail. When was the last time you got a busy signal?

411? Ok, I cannot remember when I last did that. Do you remember calling for the time and temperature? Pretty much that has been replaced by Google or any other great internet site or browser.

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Seen an actual payphone? There is one at a park and ride off the Taconic, I think it is for the Route 52 exit? I am not 100% sure when the last time I saw a payphone, probably was in the last year, but I was still so surprised to see it. Also, I can't remember when I last used a payphone. How about you? When was it and how much do you think you paid?

Did you leave the phone 'off-the-hook?' That was a no-no in my
house growing up. Today, you can just turn your cellphone to silent or even turn it off completely.

Have your kids ever let their "Fingers Do the Walking?" That was a advertising campaign for the Yellow Pages and the White Pages, the phone books.

Wow. What a trip down memory lane. Are these terms ones that you have used and then your kids look at you like you're nuts? Hmmmm, maybe we should ask them how to use a rotary phone without instructions?


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