Smashmouth singer Steve Harwell was caught berating fans, forgetting lyrics and giving a Nazi salute during a Hudson Valley performance.

Complete chaos is not something you'd expect from Smashmouth. The 90's alternative act is best known for family friendly hits such as "All Star, "Walking on the Sun" and those songs from the Shrek movies. Fans who attended their appearance at Bethel Woods this weekend got a few notes of those tunes, but also a whole lot more.

TikTok user Haley, who goes by the username doesthisfeelgood, posted just a sample of what she calls "the most chaotic show I've ever been to." The video was taken at The Big Sip, a beer and wine festival at Bethel Woods featuring live music by Smashmouth, Remember Jones and other guests.

We reached out to a representative from Bethel Woods for comment.

Harwell only recently returned to the band after taking a hiatus for "heart issues." A replacement singer was brought in to take over, which surprised many fans over the past few weeks who were unaware of the switch. In retrospect they may have been better off with a substitute than what fans were subject to on Saturday. Take a look below at what went down at the show, and then scroll to the bottom for the full video so you can judge for yourself.

Smashmouth Singer Melts Down at Bethel Woods

Smashmouth's visit to the Hudson Valley was kind of a mess. Here's a look at just what fans say happened during their show at Bethel Woods on October 9, as documented by TikTok user, Haley.

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