It’s right in our backyard and was ranked amongst popular places across the country.

Going out with a group of friends can be tough when not everyone likes the same thing. This is especially hard when it comes to drinking and picking a place that everyone will enjoy. I've noticed this with my own group of friends, people have pretty strong opions on what they like to drink and what they don’t like and have no problem not going to a place because of a lack of variety. One local Hudson Valley Brewery received a big honor for having a beverage that everyone will like, but there's also a lot of cool places to get a good drink if you're not a beer drinker.

Sloop Brewing in East Fishkill/Hopewell Junction:


Tasting Table put out a national list of beer brands that are good for people who don't like beer, but can still enjoy something like it. Sloop Brewing was # 3 on the list and they have some pretty cool fruit infused beer for everyone. The list mentioned how they have a 'Coco Baked Stout' and said it tastes similar to a Pina Colada, yum. Sloop also has a very popular beer that is their 'Juice Bomb IPA', it has a great balance of hops and citrus and can get rid of that bitter taste that sometimes can be found in an IPA. Is it too early for a beer now?


The Silk Factory in Newburgh:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The Silk Factory is absolutely a gem here in the Hudson Valley. There’s a full bar inside where you can order mimosas, spiked coffee flights and more mixed drinks. They have one of the best cocktail names for a signature beverage and it’s called the ‘The Material Gworl Spritz’, it has Spirits Lab Gin, Chareau Aloe Liquor, Blackberry syrup, fresh lemon juice and prosecco in it. I’ve tasted tested it a few times and it’s delicious, I’m already planning on getting my next one. Also, if you don't like alcohol at all it's also a full coffee shop and great place to grab breakfast.


Double O Grill in Wappingers Falls:

Double O is a great place to go if you have a large group of people. The menu is HUGE and they have a bunch of cocktails to choose from. They do have plenty of beer on tap for those who want it, but also have a variety of drinks to pick from like margaritas, cosmos, martinis, Pina Coladas  (pictured above) and more. Not only does the drink look great, but the manicure does too.

Milea Estate Vineyard in Staatsburg:

Wine, wine and more wine is available here. Don't worry if you don't like wine either because you can also get mixed drinks like a delicious gimlet (pictured above). It's made with the Milea Estate 10 Point Gin and that was a gold medal winner at the Denver International Spirits Competition. I'm not a huge gin fan, but this might have just changed my mind. There are plenty of choices for everyone at this great location.


Hudson Taco in Newburgh:

One margarita, two margarita, 3 margarita.....more. It goes without saying that Hudson Taco has a ton of margarita choices for your pleasure. They also have sangria pitchers, mojitos an featured frozen cocktails that change during the week. I didn't even think of beer, but it's there as well if you'd like some. I've personally tried their 'blue' margarita and it was fabulous, the drink has a perfect blend of tart and refreshing. Yummy.

There are so many cool drinks to try around here, and we could be here forever, but share them and send us your favorite beverage on the station app. It can be beer, a mixed rink or anything else you really like, cheers.

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