We ❤ Pleasant Valley!

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we start a new week with a new "Wolf Hometown of the Week!!" To be fair to each and every town across the Hudson Valley, we've constructed what we call the "Wheel o' Towns". Our wheel has 20 interchangeable spaces on it with different town names and every Monday we welcome a lucky listener on the air to pick one and give it a spin.

Today we welcomed Michelle on the air to spin away, she pick Port Jervis as her town and Jess gave it a rip roaring spin and (drumroll!!!)....it landed on Pleasant Valley. Not good for Michelle, but good for you and Pleasant Valley because for the rest of the week we get to celebrate everything we all love about Pleasant Valley.

Pleasant Valley, located in Dutchess County between Poughkeepsie and Millbrook is home to well over 10,000 residents according to Wikipedia and has some real interesting and fun things to do if you ever find yourself hanging out there.

If you live, or have ever lived in or around Pleasant Valley and want to add to our tour of Pleasant Valley, you can text us through the Wolf app anytime.

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