Why not share the love this Valentine's Day?

If you are in a relationship, the day of love is fast approaching and no matter what side you are on with Valentine's Day, celebrate it or not, you have to admit when you were younger there was no better feeling when someone gave you a Valentine.

Maybe it was a box of candy, a balloon, flowers or maybe it was a simple card. Whatever it was it made you feel good and this year why not try to make that feeling possible for kids that are having a hard time with their health.

According to Simplemost, if you feel like sending some love to children that are stuck in the hospital this year many hospitals across the country are looking for us to send a virtual Valentine.

They are calling them "Valentine Drives" and to take part all you need to do is choose a participating hospital on your phone or computer, then choose a card to send to the kids.

You can write your own Valentine message or you can choose from a bunch of pre-written ones that will definitely give a child that warm and fuzzy feeling.

There aren't any hospitals in New York taking part in this but that doesn't mean the Hudson Valley can't send some love, here are a few of the hospitals that are participating:

Get the full list of all the hospitals taking part in this great promotion online.

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