With the holiday season here, police are warning about a scam on Facebook.

No matter what time of year it is, it seems that somebody is always trying to rip us off and the scammers are back with something called the "Secret Sister" exchange, according to WTEN.

Police have said that the scam is making the rounds on Facebook and here is how it works, it starts with a Facebook post that will ask you to buy a gift of $10 or more and then you're asked to add your name and information to a list and after you do that, the scammers promise that you'll receive 36 gifts.

Kelli Burns, who is an instructor at the University of South Florida told WTEN about the secret sister gift exchange, she said, "This is a typical pyramid scheme. We're just seeing this on Facebook this time instead of the old way of using letters, and Facebook allows it to spread a lot faster."

The biggest problem with the post is it's illegal because the gifts are being sent through the mail and according United States Post Office regulations that falls in line with a pyramid scheme.

Another problem is that a post like this is against the terms of agreement, which could lead to Facebook blocking your account.

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