So you have seen it again for the 100th time, or your Aunt has just shared it (again) on her Facebook page. You know the post. The one that says XYZ RV company was unable to giveaway the grand prize of the really amazing super tricked out RV because the alleged winner was from Canada, the wrong state or just plain not eligible to win for some reason.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "Is this real?"

Odds are when someone is just blindly sharing something on social media, they mean well, but probably haven't checked out to see if the original item is legit.

Here are a few places to double check as to whether or not said article is legitimate.

  • Just start by Googling the main details. In this instance, 'rv giveaway posts on facebook' took me to 609,000 results all kind of warning that it was a scam to get your personal information. So maybe they don't get your name, but they will be able to get rough details, like age, geographic location and your likes and dislikes.
  • This is a great site that if you have a few minutes to look at, would probably set all of us straight on things that we believe to be true. Again, 'free rv' took me directly to articles on how it is a scam. The articles here date back to 2016.
  • is another potential resource to see if these posts/articles have any potential scam issues. Again, just using the search term free rv facebook, took me right to 'this is a scam.'

Now, do you really think that you can keep your Aunt or your Mom from forwarding these posts that you are pretty sure are a scam? Probably not, but you will be able to double check for yourself and NOT pass them on as well.

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