This light is worthless and it needs to be retired immediately.

There's nothing worse than sitting at a red light when there are no cars in sight. Try doing this every single day.

I have to get up early but I'll never be a morning person. I stay up late, hit the snooze button run out the door. If you're running late or just one time then the last thing you want is to hit a red light or multiple red lights. I know they are there to keep us safe but are they necessary at every hour of the day?

I think we could do away with the light here.  A stop sign would suffice. I love my morning routines but there's one step that I wouldn't mind skipping from here on out. I get caught at a red light every single time at this intersection and I have no idea why I'm even stopped in the first place.

When I say getting caught at this intersection is part of the routine I'm not exaggerating. It happens to me every morning. I feel like I'm in that movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

The light that I'm referring to is at Cedar Street and Buckingham Ave near the frat houses in Poughkeepsie. There's virtually no traffic in this area at around 5AM. I think it's safe to switch the light to a blinking red. At this point, I don't think the light is worth what little bit of money it costs the taxpayers.

Have you been hung up at this light before? Are there any others?


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