What’s often standing between people with cancer and lifesaving treatment is a ride to get there. Transportation shouldn’t be a roadblock to cancer treatment. Even with help from family and friends, sometimes patients have trouble getting every ride they need.

The American Cancer Society Seeks Volunteer Drivers

The American Cancer Society provides free rides to treatment for people with cancer. As a trained volunteer driver, you can change someone’s life in as little as one hour a week by ensuring a ride is available, so care isn’t stopped or delayed. The American Cancer Society offers rides to patients through the Road to Recovery Program.

For people with cancer who have no way of getting to treatment, our Road To Recovery program is there to help. Driving patients to lifesaving treatment is one of the most meaningful volunteer experiences you can have with the American Cancer Society.

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Being a volunteer driver means you volunteer your time to drive people with cancer to treatment using your personal car.  If you have a driver’s license, proof of insurance, pass a background check, and are between 18 and 84 years old, you’re already on the road to volunteering! The American Cancer Society provides all the training you need to help patients in your community get to treatment.

Once your training is done, volunteer as much as you can. Some weeks you might be able to do it all the time, while others you are too busy, and that is okay. Driving patients is something that you can receive a tax reduction for, as well.

READ MORE: Maribel Vargas Speaks About American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery Program

Back in January, I sat down with Maribel Vargas, Associate Director with the Cancer Center Partnerships at the American Cancer Society and Road to Recovery driver Dewey about the Road to Recovery Program. You can hear about their experience and insight on how the program works on a local level below.

If you are facing cancer and need rides to treatment, call 1-800-227-2345 to find out if there are Road To Recovery drivers available in your area.

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