Everyone loves a good deal, sale, or freebie occasionally. It is even better when a small business and town is offering a discount.

Have you ever visited Rhinebeck? I love stopping by these charming little town in the Hudson Valley. There are views of the Catskills Mountains and historic areas to visit close by.

They have the cutest selection of local businesses such as restaurants and retail shops. There are also hotels, bobs and specialty spas. I found a cute hiking trail last time that I was in Rhinebeck and loved all the beautiful views and mother nature spots.

During the month of May, Rhinebeck is hosting a spring event. Every Wednesday, the small businesses of Rhinebeck will be offering special $10 deals. This event will take place outside, within the beautiful community and historic shopping area.

The small businesses of Rhinebeck will have offers for food, drinks and classes.

These special offers include but are not limited to Pegasus Footwear, Samuel’s Sweet Shops, Rhinebeck Department Store and more.

Here is a list of the businesses is participating in the $10 deals for May.

Whenever I see good sales, especially from local businesses, I always stock up on gifts. From birthdays to holidays and special events, certain gifts are just perfect to buy and save for the right moment. This is the time to also get rid of things that we do not want or need anymore and bring in the new. You know the motto, YOLO.

Be sure to treat yourself and take advantage of Rhinebeck’s $10 deals, maybe I will see you there.

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