A former police officer who was shot in the line of duty was told he had to take his flag down in the Hudson Valley.

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Eric Reynolds says he was told remove his pro-police flag while staying at a campsite in Ulster County. Reynolds was staying with his family at the Thousand Trails Rondout Valley Campground when he was told to remove his "thin blue line" flag.

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Reynolds posted videos of his interaction with a worker and his boss. In the first video, the worker tells Reynolds "corporate" said he must take his "blue line flag down."

In the video, Reynolds tells the worker he's a retired police officer who suffers from PTSD. He also states he's been to many other Thousand Trails and was never told to take his flag down.

When the worker's boss arrived, she told Reynolds he needed to leave the campground because he was being "belligerent to staffers."

The boss went on to tell Reynolds it's in his Thousand Trails "contract" that no "modified" American flag can be displayed at the campground.

Reynolds ended up taking his pro-police flag down and stayed at the campground, Law Enforcement Today reports.

A spokesperson from Thousand Trails Rondout Valley Campground told us their flag policy has been effect since 2018 and is intended to make sure all guests feel welcome.

"We have a flag policy across all campgrounds in our network that has been in effect since 2018. The policy allows a limited variety of flags to be displayed on site and is intended to help ensure a welcoming atmosphere for guests of the campgrounds. A representative of the company reached out to Mr. Reynolds on Friday to discuss this matter with him personally, but he has declined to return the call," a spokesperson from Thousand Trails Rondout Valley Campground told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

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