The Village of Wappingers Falls offered local residents a chance to make real changes in their police department by taking an anonymous survey.

For months now police reform has been on a lot of minds throughout the entire country and especially right here in the Hudson Valley. Police Reform has been a major political and social talking point since the video of the tragic death of George Floyd went viral in early March.

Since March there have been several protests here in the Hudson Valley in the name both George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Protests have been held in Newburgh, Kingston, Beacon, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie and several other local cities.

Taking to the streets and protesting is a fundamental liberty that we as Americans are afforded but sometimes protests bring awareness but not necessarily change. The Village of Wappingers Falls decided to take a new approach to creating some reform in their department and they have decided to get answers directly from who they have sworn to protect. The Wappingers Fall Police Department has implemented a police reform committee. This can allow room for some serious changes to their department. They want your honest feedback.

The Wappingers Falls Police Department made a community survey in order to help make their department better and stronger. The survey was offered on their Facebook page and was completely anonymous.

Is this something that we can expect from other police forces in the Hudson Valley? Perhaps we will see more of these in months to come.

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