A local Hudson Valley city is surprisingly listed as one of the 15 places Reader's Digest readers should consider moving to.

the tiny little magazine that most people read when they forget to bring their phones to the bathroom is urging listeners to check out the Hudson Valley. Recently, Reader's Digest published a list of the "Best Places to Move in the U.S. Before it's Too Crowded."

Among cities like Chattanooga, Fort Wayne, Ann Arbor and Salt Lake City was a surprising spot in the Hudson Valley. The City of Poughkeepsie was named one of the locations people should consider moving to, and a lot of good reasons were given for including the Queen City on the prestigious list.

Reader's Digest explained that a "new energy" can be felt in the city as new people and businesses move into the area. The article points to Poughkeepsie's transportation options, like Metro-North, as a way people can have a close connection to New York City while still enjoying a better quality of life further upstate.

Other reasons to move to Poughkeepsie, according to Reader's Digest, is affordable housing options, new cafes, coffee shops and attractions like the Walkway Over the Hudson.

While we're super pumped that millions of people in doctors' waiting rooms across the country will be reading about how incredible Poughkeepsie is, we kind of hope their prediction that the city will eventually become "overcrowded" is an exaggeration. It's hard enough finding a parking spot on Market Street as it is.

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