There's a casting call for adults and high school seniors to be extras in the new HBO Max series.

Are you a star? You could be an extra on the HBO Max series.

I would be lying if I said that I knew the premise behind Pretty Little Liars. All I know is that it's insanely popular show. The series ran for almost a decade and its last episode aired in 2017. It was appreciated by critics and it received several awards over its 160 episode run.

The show was so popular that it is getting a reboot/ spinoff and finding a new home on HBO Max.

According to Us Weekly, the new series will be called Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It appears to be a prequel.

They're filming in the Hudson Valley and the next big star could be found in Saugerties.

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The Hudson Valley Film Commission shared on their Facebook page that they are casting both males and females to act as high school students in the Hudson Valley. You can find more information or apply at their website. They are also looking for male and female adults to appear on the show as well. They have more details and steps on how to apply at their website for these parts as well.

The position has a date of Thursday, August 26 and it appears to be a paid gig.

If you have some acting experience and headshots handy then you may want apply. If not, you should give it a shot anyway. This could be your big break and a chance to get some learning experience for future productions in the area.

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