These are GREAT!

I think sometimes social media gets a bad wrap. I understand that if you look around on any given minute, you'll come across some form of information that is off the wall NUTS! But I also think that social media sites like Facebook can have a positive place in our world. That's where I wanted to head today, the positive.

If you have Facebook, what do you use it for? We asked and the Hudson Valley had some great answers including, Myra from New Paltz called us to let us know that the big positive thing Facebook did for her was that back when her mom passed away, she posted about it online, and one of her moms friends from way back when got in touch with her and shared some great stories about her mom. She told us the it helped her "significantly" though the grieving process. AWESOME!

Tiffany called us to let us know that she used Facebook to connect with friends and family but she also credits it for giving her, her now husband!! She told us they met 6 years ago through Facebook and are now happily married with 3 kids!!

Casey Lynn from Pine Bush texted us, "I met my boyfriend at a bar several months before we started dating. He was in a relationship at the time so we didn’t really talk much that day. After their break-up months later, he went out of his way to find me on Facebook where he friend requested me and we started talking. We’ve been inseparable ever since and are currently expecting our first child together."

Chrissy in Poughkeepsie texted us, "As a volunteer firefighter, we use it for training purposes, and to check out other fire departments equipment, fundraisers, etc." What POSITIVE things do you use Facebook for? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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