Disc golf is a fairly new, trending sport that’s rapidly growing. Some people may never have heard of disc golf while others are already professionals in this game. While I was in Colorado, I had the chance to play this fun filled sport for the first time! Considering that I love anything to do with outdoors, I had the best experience trying it and can’t wait to play it again. I was happy to learn that disc golf is now in the Hudson Valley!

If you’re wondering what disc golf actually is, let me fill you in. The ideal day would consist of starting off at a disc golf course, not to be confused with a traditional golf course. Before you arrive, be sure to have the proper equipment such as discs or some refer to them as Frisbees. There are different metal baskets at every hole. When you begin, take your stance, aim and toss with your best shot into the basket. Don’t forget it’s all in the wrist right!?

There are about 9-18 holes depending on location. Disc golf etiquette is similar to conventional golf in which they recommend remaining quiet while the game is in session. Also, it’s important to let faster groups go ahead in order to keep the flow moving. The person with the lowest amount of tosses or throws would then win. If you’re wondering, I didn’t win my first time but I’m super excited to play again. There are even disc golf play offs for all of those awesome people who are true champs!

Now it’s your turn to head on out into the woods and put your best wrist forward. During your adventure be sure to bring your discs with as many bright colors as possible in order to find them if they fly off, ha-ha. Who doesn’t love free things? Disc golf can range from free to low cost depending on the location. Also, any age can play this sport as well; it’s easy, simple and fun! Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner to join, disc golf is one of the few sports that can be played alone.

Check out the following places in the Hudson Valley where you can enjoy an adventurous day playing disc golf.

  • Beacon Glades & University Settlement Camp


  • Disc Golf Course


  • Dolan’s Lake & Hunter Mountain


  • Fancher Davidge Park


  • FDR State Park


  • Kingston Point Park


  • Leonard Park

        Mt. Kisco

  • Majestic Park


  • Mohonk Mountain House

       New Paltz

  • Saugerties/Woodstock KOA


  • Stonykill Disc Golf Course


  • Walnut Mountain Town Park


  • Warwick Park Disc Golf


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