I never thought of myself as the business owner type, but if I was going to own a business I would want it to be one that makes people happy. Like a cool home shop or a toy store. Or how about an ice cream shop? That’s a business that makes people really happy. That's exactly how the folks at Ally's Ice Cream & Grill Cafe on Overlook Road in Poughkeepsie feel.

And this isn’t just any ice cream shop, it’s one with a great reputation. I remember it first as Debra T’s, and it was a fun experience for the whole family. The ice cream was great, it was adorable on the inside, and it had fun stuff for the kids to play with on the outside. It has the look of a little Victorian cottage in fun pastel colors. I even liked just passing the building because it’s so cute.  

I’m not sure, but I felt like it was Debra T’s for years. It was always packed with happy families and laughing kids.A few years ago I heard it was closing. I think I literally gasped. It changed hands a couple of times, and since May it's been open as Ally’s. Still adorable, and still with great food and ice cream. Fun and retro inside and nice seating for enjoying your food outside, if you prefer. I was really happy to see that the building wasn’t sitting empty and families were able to enjoy it again. And now comes even better news from Ally's.

Ally's Ice Cream & Grill Cafe seems to be filling the shoes of the former Debra T's just fine. In fact, they've decided to remain open all year. This means that you don't have to wait until the warm weather to enjoy the great ice cream and other treats at Ally's. Congratulations and thanks to Ally's for once again bringing smiles to Poughkeepsie.

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