Officials allege there's an illegal sewer line hookup at a popular waterfront restaurant in the Hudson Valley owned by a town board member.

On Wednesday, the office of the town engineer in Mahopac issued a second notification of violation and a cease and desist to the owners of Blu At The Lakehouse Restaurant and Bar in Mahopac.

According to town engineer Richard Franzetti, property owned by Michael Barile and Tommy Boniello at 825 South Lake Boulevard in Mahopac is using the Carmel sewer system but is located outside the Carmel Sewer District Number 1 (CSD #1)

"I hereby notify you of the violations set forth herein of the Sewer Use Law and order you forthwith cease and desist all connections to CSD #1 and that you meet all conditions set for," Franzetti wrote in the 13-page notice of violation obtained by Hudson Valley Post.

Barile is a Carmel town board member, NewsSource reports. A notice of violation regarding the sewer hookup was first issued to Barile and Bonniello in October. The first violation notice didn't require the owners to disconnect from CSD #1, but gave the owners time to legally connect to the sewer system or develop a corrective action plan.

On Dec. 6, a dye test determined wastewater from the popular restaurant was illegally entering the Carmal sewer system, officials say. The dye test proved the property is connected to the sewage system by what's described as a "Second Connection."

"Although the exact configuration of this Second Connection has not been confirmed, to the best of my knowledge, it has never been disclosed to the Town or any other applicable regulatory agencies,"  Franzetti wrote in the notice of violation obtained by Hudson Valley Post. "The manner in which the Second Connection appears to have been con?gured would allow it to evade detection and regulation.'

The owners could be fined if the issue isn't corrected or have the sewer service shut. A request for comment from the owners hasn't been returned as of this writing.

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