Police say a domestic dispute was the cause of an ugly incident that saw a New York state man using his vehicle to hit another vehicle multiple times. Authorities have charged the suspect with numerous violations, including endangering the welfare of a child.

Officials say the suspect had already had an order of protection against them at the time of the incident.

Suspect Hits Vehicle Multiple Times 

The New York State police said in a press release that they were called to a domestic disturbance on the afternoon of March 1. Police said after an investigation that a 30-year-old suspect from Cambridge, NY intentionally struck a vehicle with his vehicle multiple times. State police say the repeated impacts caused the victims' vehicle to leave the road and lead to two of the occupants suffering injuries.

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Police say the victim’s vehicle was occupied by one adult and five children under the age of 17. Police also say the incident happened while an active court-issued order of protection was in place protecting four of the vehicles’ occupants from the suspect.

Police say they located the suspect the following day and arrested him.

New York Man Arrested On Thruway Allegedly Had BAC Over 2X Legal Limit

Police say they stopped a vehicle in late February for various vehicle and traffic violations. What they did not know at the time was the operator of this motor vehicle was allegedly driving over two times the state's legal limit.


New York State Police said in a press release that they stopped a vehicle that evening on I-90 in the city of Albany. Police say the man from Jamaica, Queens was intoxicated a the time, and his blood alcohol content was determined to be 0.18%. that is over two times New York's legal limit of 0.8%.

The release said the suspect has also been charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, as well as the previously mentioned felony.

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