Police are searching for the person responsible and are hoping for the public’s help after a dog was tossed from a car window in Dutchess County.

Poughkeepsie Police say a male dog was thrown out the window of a 4-door vehicle Saturday in Poughkeepsie near Morgan Lake.

According to Poughkeepsie police, people who witnessed the incident pulled over to help the dog, stopped traffic so he wouldn’t get run over, and stayed with him until police arrived.

Officials say the dog is very friendly and doing OK with a only few scrapes.

According to City of Poughkeepsie Animal control, the dog will be available for adoption on Saturday if the owner isn’t found.

Anyone with information should call City of Poughkeepsie Police at 845-451-4000. Or you can call City of Poughkeepsie Animal Control at 845-451-4139 or e-mail animalcontrol@cityofpoughkeepsie.com.

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