Just another day on the job. We've heard some pretty wild police stories this past year, and this is certainly another one that will leave an impression. In fact, this incident and arrest lead officers at New York City's 19th Precinct to take to Twitter and post “Wrong century. Wrong period. Just wrong!”. Did they encounter a ninja on the streets? No quite, but the scuffle did result in one officer being taken to the hospital.

The NY Post is reporting that police were called to the scene late Saturday afternoon, when they were told that a man on Madison Avenue was wildly swinging a katana. The 33 year-old suspect was confronted by police, but would not stop swinging the sword. Officials say the man lunged at one police officer and allegedly punched him in the face and stomach several times.

Police said Wednesday the wannabe Highlander was arrested and charged with one count of assault of an officer, two counts of attempted assault on an officer, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, obstructing governmental administration and criminal possession of a weapon. The officer who was hospitalized was released.

There is no word exactly why the man was swinging the sword around to begin with. Perhaps he had seen too many old samurai movies and was hoping to step up and challenge the Shogun, or seek revenge on those who dishonored his name? Or maybe he was just looking to cause some senseless mayhem for the pure hell of it?

In late 2018,  another New York City man picked up the blade, only this time to defend his family. The NY Post reports that the terrified 26 year-old grabbed his sword after a bright blue streaking light had enveloped the sky above the city that night. The man warned his parents that an invasion by hostile extraterrestrials was imminent and that they needed protection. The massive alien invasion turned out to be a blown transformer at a Con Edison facility.

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