As cases of COVID-19 begin to surge again, Pennsylvania is upping the ante on out of state travel. NYUpsate is reporting that our neighbors to the west will now require out of state travelers to have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of entering. if they can't produce results, then it's a 14 day quarantine. The rule goes into effect Friday, November 20.

One bit of good news is that anyone who commutes daily to or from Pennsylvania for work is exempt, says CBS. As we know there are a lot of folks from Pennsylvania who work in New York or New Jersey, and vice versa. Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said Tuesday:

We really want people to stay at home, to stay within their household, and not to travel. For example, to do a lot of traveling to see friends and family during the Thanksgiving holiday.

This follows many other state mandates, as cases of Coronavirus continue to rise. This includes New York, which earlier this month mandated negative COVID tests for arriving out of staters, except for those from bordering states. The Centers for Disease Control are encouraging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving. They've even advised Americans not to sing, play loud music, or even drink if they have to be at a small gathering outside their own home.

Some sheriffs in New York state have said they won't bother to enforcing Governor Cuomo's recommendation for families not to get together this year for Thanksgiving. Cuomo offered an ominous prediction Wednesday, saying that he expects to see a tremendous spike in COVID-19 cases in the state after Thanksgiving.

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