I really hope that your daughter learns nothing about driving from you.

Getting behind the wheel of a car when you're in a bad mood is never a good idea. Apparently being angry and being in the passenger seat isn't much better.

Is it me or do people around here love using that they're from New York as a pass to excuse rudeness, anger and even road rage.

I know I am not the most patient person out there but I really have been trying when it comes to not blow up when I'm on the roadways. It's not smart. An angry person with 2000 lbs of steel is a recipe for disaster. I try to avoid confrontation on the road whenever I can.

To the enraged woman who was teaching her daughter how to park last Friday, you have some serious issues to work on. I suggest that you seek professional help immediately whether it's in the form of psychotherapy or anger management or both. All I did was look at you and raise my eyebrows as your daughter who was learning to drive became literally 3 inches away from the quarter panel of my new car. My surprised look didn't warrant you getting out of your car and approaching my window to scream at me.

I know you got more upset when I didn't engage as most crazy people do but not everyone has a temper a short as yours.

What kind of parent teaches their 16 year old daughter to get out of their car and approach a complete stranger's vehicle while screaming with their fists clinched? I hope your skills as a parent shine elsewhere or you child is doomed.

I only hope you saw the embarrassed look on her face an realized that not even she believes she is entitles as much as you think she is.

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